Top service for your electrical issues at home.

Juice - residential electricians  provides the best service for your electrical issues at home, industry and commercial establishment.

We also would like to educate the people on our Energy Saving Program that not just save them money but also saves them some hassle due to faulty electrical practices. When using standby power, do you know that your appliances can account for around 12%-15% of the total annual consumption of electricity and so imagine if you get more and more appliances in your homes and commercial establishments, that usage also increases. Avoiding stand-by is also safe for you and your appliances.

Another thing is your geyser switches. Do you know that you could save up around 25% - 30% on your monthly electricity costs by just reducing the number of times you switch your geyser on and off during the day. By insulating the geyser against heat loss you can only have it switch on when you need hot water.

You see you have so many practices that in fact makes your .Electrical and Energy consumption unwise. It is best to start changing the way you do things with energy. We have the best solutions for you designed exactly according to your need.